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Create watches, clocks and alarm clocks for your company.

You can individualise our hight quality and affordable wrist watches for your company with us. We will create watches exactly according to your wishes. You have an unique opportunity to create limited edition of watches for your long-time business partners and employees. Watches linked to your company will please not only your business partners and significant costumers, they can also serve as an award or reward for your long-time employees.

Create your personalised PRIM watches.

With our team, we are ready to alter existing models of PRIM watches with your personalised design. The possibilities are almost unlimited, you can for example place a logo or text on dial-plate, on case of the watches or on the crown. According to the wishes of our customers, we alter the design of dial-plates, caps, cases, clips or crowns. We even offer variation of straps, on which we are able to put your logo, initials or other symbols, thanks to our technologies.

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We repair watches, clocks and alarm clocks and our team of clockmakers is here for you.

Don’t hesitate and contact us with the assessment of defect. Our repair shop will provide you with specialised information and will help you with proceeding steps. BD Service ensure service of your watches in guarantee period, but even after its expiration. We mainly service brands from our offer, but you can also approach us with out-of-guarantee repair of other-brand watches (it is necessary to send a question with the type of watch by e-mail to confirm the repair options).

Do you need to repair, clean or check your watches, clock and pocket watches?

We will gladly repair, clean or renovate your watches, clocks or pocket watches. With all our product we ensure a professional service, regardless of the fact, if it is a service in guarantee period or if it is a out-of-guarantee one.

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Service utilities

We offer a complete horological service of watches, clocks and alarm clocks of our products.

  • replacement of batteries in clocks, watches, alarm clocks, databanks, thermometers, stopwatches and bicycle speedometers
  • replacement of straps, selection from wide range of products- leather, metal, plastic
  • replacement of gasket with wristwatches
  • water-resistance text from 20 ATM
  • shortening and repairing of metal bands
  • replacement of glass


We are able to provide you with repair of all sorts of usual defect on watches (shattered glass, clipped crowns, replacement of batteries, water-resistance tests), but also a complex repair of your watches – total repair of mechanical machines, changing of gasket, repairs of cases and others. If you wish to make use of our repair services, please proceed as follows:

Send an e-mail with type of your watch to:

  1. deliver the watch to our address,
  2. if you wish to send the watch, please attach a description of defects and your contact information, including your telephone number and e-mail address,
  3. send them in solid cases, not only in envelopes,
  4. we will inform you about the delivery via e-mail or via telephone,
  5. after a thorough examination of your watch by our clockmaker, we will inform you about the assumed price of the repair and the assumed time of completion,
  6. repairs with prices as high as 650 CZK are done automatically, without a pre-send budget.

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